Once upon a time in mobile game far far away, aliens invaded Earth in hopes of stealing our most precious animal, the cow! Thankfully one brave cow has decided to lead an effort against the aliens by jumping on one of the alien ships to fight back and save the world!

We know what you may be thinking, and the answer is yes. This game is more fun than a summer afternoon in the park with 300 people manning water balloon launchers.

‘Shooting Cows’ by Roadhouse Interactive, is a fast-paced puzzle action game that is coming to PlayPhones mobile gaming network. Gamers are asked to help save the Earth by bumping aliens off the planet from a new form of catapult mechanics. Players can fight through 120 environments, on both Earth and in outer space to help the cows defend their milk from the aliens.

‘Shooting Cows’ displays strong animations and difficult environments. Simple gameplay with puzzling scenarios, this game is visually captivating. Roadhouse Interactive has created a visually appealing game with challenging gameplay that caters to all ages. Change up your character, unlock a bunch of mini games and moo your way to victory! Ok, that was a bad pun. Just play the game!

via playphone.com by Jeremy Crittenden