Food Battle: The Game

Battle your way through SMOSH's scrumptious world!

SMOSH and DEFY Media have partnered with Roadhouse and have brought together the ultimate Food Battle where only YOU can save the village of Tickputt from an evil army of killer donuts!

Food Battle: THE GAME is a free-to-play 3D single-player action adventure game based on the incredibly popular Food Battle YouTube series. As Anthony, players battle through increasingly creepy worlds where they can unlock and equip his favorite foods as weapons to help them battle Ian’s hordes of evil donut minions.

These are serious killer donuts made in a super evil abandoned factory by a super evil mad baker who spliced their genes and made them super evil – so SHUT UP!

They’ll need every weapon in their arsenal if they hope to survive the final face-off against Ian’s old enemy, the evil pink frosted sprinkled donut!

  • Easy to play, you can control the entire game using only one finger
  • 3D graphics are super scrumptious, frosty pink and baked to perfection
  • Completely ORIGINAL STORY, voiced by all your Smosh favorites
  • Regular updates, different customization options, and some delicious new gameplay modes very soon!

Download today on your Apple or Android mobile device!

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