Shooting Cows™

Udderly crazy Cows are battling to save the planet as we speak. Join The Fight.

Crazy, bovine-obsessed Aliens have descended on Earth to steal our cows! One brave cow has jumped into an alien spaceship and leads the fight back.

In this exciting physics-based arcade puzzle game, you play your way through 120 levels on earth and outer space in 6 distinct settings including Earth, Blue Ocean, Orbit, Frog Planet, Wind Nebula and Back to Earth.

Using an engaging and familiar slingshot game play mechanic, players can take out your anger on invading aliens (not birds!). Shooting Cows also offers a great range of characters and addicting un-lockable mini games. Hours of arcade fun!

Use a range of characters to do the dirty work. It’s not all attack – each level challenges, as players solve their puzzles along the way.

  • Fight your way through 120 levels in 6 different environments
  • Each world has it’s own brain-twisting challenges
  • Solve puzzles while causing incredible destruction
  • Unlock new worlds by shooting aliens off the screen and collecting their stolen milk bottles
  • Switch between characters to maximize your potency
  • Great looking action arcade game built for your Smartphone or Tablet

AND. Super cute cows that the whole family will love!

Available through Playphone in early 2014, and worldwide later in the year