Who we are

Roadhouse develops, operates and publishes live games
for smartphones, tablets, and connected devices


Roadhouse Interactive is an end-to-end producer, developer and operator of games for mobile and tablet. Based in Vancouver, BC, our experienced team has collectively delivered or played key roles on some of the most well-known and successful game franchises of all time.

Roadhouse was founded by James Hursthouse, Ian Verchere and Tarrnie Williams in December of 2009. The group brings over a century of combined experience from all facets of the games industry. Expertise is drawn from franchise and content creation and development at the world’s leading video games companies. It also has a strong foundation in technology and infrastructure businesses, stemming back to the earliest days of online free-to-play games. The team is ideally positioned to thrive in this exciting phase of the games industry.

The group has been responsible for creating some of the world’s top selling games, driven global product distribution and managed mergers, acquisitions and investments over the last 25 years. More specifically the team has been behind games such as FIFA, SSX, Medal of Honor, Company of Heroes, Dawn of War, Need For Speed and Triple Play, to mention a few, that have generated 100’s of millions of dollars in revenue over that same time span.


Roadhouse builds games for ourselves and other Companies as if they were our own.

After years of building great games we know that, without a refined efficient process, games don’t make it to market. Our forte is the ability to plan and communicate at every step of the way, on every project.
Things move fast these days. We stay on top of emerging trends and the latest technologies. We continue to learn from our own best practices and internal and external testing.


Analytics meetings happen daily as the core of our live game operations

Our games are live. We constantly monitor changes to Key Performance Indicators (KPI), good and bad. The first task each morning is for business analysts, designers, game directors and programmers to review and discuss how to continually improve our games and marketing. Our custom-built Analytics Wrapper combines leading analytics tools in a simple-to-use, but highly powerful module, offering a window into every aspect of game and marketing performance. Our entire team is responsive and ready to react to fine tune and constantly improve games and campaigns according
Free to play games still need to make money. With our focus on smart monetization loops, fine tuned pricing and intelligent pinch points, we’re maximizing Life Time Customer Value for all of our games.


Roadhouse brings an ever-expanding library of core tech
and frameworks into each project we undertake


Roadhouse has built and acquired a range of client and server technology infrastructures that spans everything from small social and mobile projects to large-scale synchronous 3D MMOs. Roadhouse continues to consolidate game clients around C+ and Unity with a mix of PHP/JavaScript and C on the server.

The goal is to reduce risk, as well as operational costs as much as possible during pre-production, in order to ensure sustained profitability once a game goes live. In addition, our Studio Core Framework supports Mobile Rendering, Social integration, Progression, Store, Tutorial, Gameplay prototyping and Analytics.