Family Guy fans will soon be able to interact with their favorite characters in this new MMORPG, Family Guy Online. Family Guy Online aims to bring the flat-out hilariousness of Family Guy to an interactive format. It will operated just like any other MMORPG by allowing players to embark on quests and earn items to help them in their progress. The game is in closed beta testing at the moment, but is available for anyone to play and still contains a fairly large amount of content.

Family Guy Online is a browser based game so there are no client downloads or lengthy updates. As far as the graphic quality, not the best, but it is based on a cartoon so there is not much more that you can ask for. The game uses the Unity Web Player so that developers can quickly update the game and add more content as it becomes available leaving players with shorter down times. The game seems pretty solid and should be quite enjoyable.

Developers aim to make Family Guy Online an expansive and down right gut busting game to play. Players can create their own unique characters using the character creation tool so they can play their own part in Quahog. Numerous quests can be discovered which will drag players along with the characters of family guy and delve farther into the game’s plot. Between quests players will be able to watch short video clips relating to the quest at hand.

Hopefully this MMORPG will bring a lot of joy to Family Guy fans. Registration and game play are free so nobody should feel left out. Anyone wanting to give it a go can find the game at Happy gaming!

via by Randy Green