An all new, turn-based experience.

If you want to blast apart mechs in relatively fast-paced action, there are plenty of options in 2012. But for those who want a slower game, one where tactics and planning could really matter, you might want to keep an eye on MechWarrior Tactics.

The teaser website has finally revealed the initial details of this upcoming, turn-based mech game. It’s set in the Battletech universe, and each player is a Commander of a mercenary company. You can outfit your mechs to fulfill specific combat roles, and to this end it sounds like there will be an abundance of collectibles. It will also feature a persistent leveling system.

It’s unclear how many of the collectibles will be available free, and how many of them will be solely purchasable through the store. The store is integrated into the game, so you never have “to leave the game to purchase and equip new resources for your next mission.”

Because it’s turn-based, it features asynchronous multiplayer, allowing you to fight multiple battles at a time. Competitive players will also have the option to play in ranked matches, as well as earn a place on leaderboards.

MechWarrior Tactics will officially release sometime in 2012.

via ING