There have been some really cool things said about MechWarrior Tactics since GDC 2012 – here’s a selection:

“Graphically, the game already looks very good, benefiting from the engine, the mechs are filled with detail.”

“… a very impressive level of nuance for a browser game.”

“…a surprising amount of depth and tons of features that fans of the BattleTech universe will want to get their hands on.”

“…the game tosses all the turn-based pretense aside and replays the action in a spiffy cinematic.” AOL Joystiq

“…maximum mech-exploding money shots.” AOL Joystiq

“…awesome take on the franchise.” The Escapist

“…it seems to perfectly capture the tabletop experience in a much more accessible format.” The Escapist

“Depending on how the collection options are implemented, this could very well be one of my favorite games of 2012.” The Escapist

“…take our money.” Penny Arcade

“…the experience is …welcoming to new players.” Penny Arcade

“I just want to sit in front of my computer, spending way too much time putting together the perfect army of Mechs.” Penny Arcade

“…We love literally everything about MechWarrior Tactics…” GamesRadar

“It feels like the developers cracked open our window while we slept, snuck inside like ninjas, opened up our diary, wrote down every weakness we have when it comes to online games, and then made a MechWarrior title based on our deepest desires.” GamesRadar

“The developers said that their goal was to recreate the tense, epic feel of the tabletop BattleTech game, and we think they really pulled it off.” GamesRadar

“We didn’t expect to be completely floored by MechWarrior Tactics, but we absolutely were.” GamesRadar