If you’re a MechWarrior fan and looking forward to MechWarrior Tactics (and the MMO in development MechWarrior Online), then you just might be in luck when it comes to closed beta. If you’re one of the lucky ones attending GenCon this year, that is. Alas, the rest of us will have to wait for our opportunity, but GenCon attendees can visit the MechWarrior HQ to grab a special two-sided poster featuring both games. The poster also comes with the bonus perk of getting into the closed beta of MechWarrior Tactics. This, of course, means that beta is most certainly on the way.

So if you play to be at the con from August 16th-19th, there’s a batch of limited edition posters there with your key to beta on them.

For the rest of us though, how about a whole bunch of brand new screenshots? What about the new Mech Bay? Yeah, we’ve updated our gallery with many new shots including the bay above. Head on over to view them.

Via rtsguru.com by Christina Gonzalez