You’ve watched the show. You’ve seen countless celebrities get the “Family Guy treatment.” Now, it’s your turn to be transformed into one of Quahog’s finest. Roadhouse Interactive, the developer behind the upcoming free-to-play browser game Family Guy Online, has unleashed Family Guyzer on the Family Guy Online website. Fans can head over there now to “Family Guyze” themselves.

You’ll also get to see Family Guyzed versions of both Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. (For whatever reason, this new web app is sponsored by their upcoming film 21 Jump Street.) The process to … Family Guyze one’s self is rather simple, but those interested will need to make an account for the upcoming game to give the web app a try. Ultimately, the result is a full 3D model of yourself as a Family Guy character. (Those familiar with Playfish‘s “Simify” for The Sims Social will feel right at home.) read complete article