MechWarrior Tactics Electric Playground Interview

Tarrnie Talks MWT with Electric Playground

Electric Playground has posted an interview with Roadhouse’s own Tarrnie Williams and James Romanchuk, and Chris Cleroux from our developers, ACRONYM Games. They talk MechWarrior Tactics and some of the first in-game footage is revealed. Cue sounds of ginormous Mechs… See the video here…

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    Beginning today, fans of Twentieth Century Fox’s Emmy® Award-winning animated television series, Family Guy, and Family Guy Online, a new free-to-play game, will be able to “Family Guyz” themselves. The “Family Guyzer” application, available at, lets users see how they might appear as an honorary citizen of Quahog.

    All it takes is a simple digital photo upload to create a custom Family Guy character. Fans can share their “Family Guyzed” photos with friends on Facebook.

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      The first screens of MechWarrior Tactics reveal a combination of realistic (well, “realistic”) robots and environments, combined with classic strategy game hex grids. We’re going to imagine there’s a little robot who paints those on the ground every morning. Read more… (Joystiq March 2nd 2012)

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        Infinite Game Publishing and Roadhouse Interactive have released the first in-game screenshots of MechWarrior Tactics, the upcoming free-to-play asynchronous turn-based strategy game set in the storied Battletech universe.

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          Twentieth Century Fox today became responsible for a dip in productivity as fans use its new online app to morph themselves into Family Guy characters. Regrettably, getting voiced by Seth MacFarlane is not one of the included options.

          A digital toy at invites people to upload a photo, choose a few options like preferred general type – gender, general coloring, do you want be more like Stewie, Meg, Chris, Lois or Peter? – and the app turns the photo into a “Family Guyzed” version, ready for sharing on Facebook.

          The network is about to release Family Guy Online, a free-to-play game based on the TV show. Once live, fans can use their Quahogite digital self as a 3D playable character in the game “so you can play with yourself all day long,” as the game’s website phrases it. Creating a Family Guyzed icon can also be used as an entry into the Family Guyzer Sweeps competition.

          In the meantime, the online app is being sponsored by Columbia Pictures’ and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures’ 21 Jump Street, which opens March 16.

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          by Chris Marlowe

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