Tastier than Cool Hwip – and free!

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Last Sunday, FOX was heavily promoting a new project: Family Guy Online, a free-to-play Family Guy browser-based sandbox/MMORPG kinda thing. Currently the game is in “open beta,” which means that you can sign up to receive an invitation. The admins are allowing in new players in waves, which is smart, given the recent Diablo III debacle. Turnaround seems to be relatively good – I signed up on Monday, and received my invitation today.

You begin with one character, with a limited number of customization options. More options become available as you level up, or if you spend real-world money in the shop. Expect the game to direct you to the shop frequently, since that’s almost* the only way the developers will be able to recoup their cost. I chose Lois as my template, then built a character I called “Crazy Eyes Jenny.”

Once I finally got into the game, I was taken aback by the emotional connection I felt to the world of Family Guy. I was genuinely thrilled to be walking down Spooner Street, seeing the familiar red station wagon parked in front of the Griffins’ home, even just standing in Stewie’s bedroom thinking, “I’m standing in Stewie’s bedroom!” I spent about half an hour just pootling around thinking, “Look at that! Wow, look at that! Hey, that’s Joe!”

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