Family Guy Online: It’s like World of Warcraft, but with way more funny

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Sure, the kind of massively multi-player online game (MMO) that Family Guy Online has turned out to be has been done before. But when is the last time you laughed out loud after completing a quest? While we’re at it, when’s the last time you completed a quest in an MMO thanks to help of Adam West as your guide? If the sound of either tickles your fancy, then you’ll probably want to check out Family Guy Online.

Published by Twentieth Century Fox and developed by Roadhouse Interactive through the Unity Player, Family Guy Online is essentially a digitized version of Quahog that players can romp around in with their friends. And based on a preview of the game provided to us recently, it’s clear that while Family Guy Online is based in the browser, it offers more depth than one would expect from such a game. That said, the game also follows the trappings that come along with the “MMO” tag.

After players create their cel-shaded avatar based one of the show’s five main characters–Peter, Lois, Chris or Meg (the kids are roped into one choice), Brian and Stewie–they’re thrown directly in front of the Griffin house. Immediately afterward, players hear the droll tones of Adam West, or Mayor West as he’s known in the hit cartoon. In fact, every character that players meet in Family Guy Online is either backed by original voice work or lines ripped from the show.

After Peter gives players their first quest, it’s time to enter the Griffin abode, the first display of Roadhouse Interactive’s commitment to the source material. The house is laid out almost exactly as you would imagine it down to every detail. Of course, this is thanks to who knows how many hours spent studying episode after episode of Family Guy and manually mapping out the several areas of Quahog, Roadhouse Interactive CCO Ian Verchere tells us. read complete article

by Joe Osborn

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