The Roadhouse Interactive VR team is excited to announce the latest breakthrough in VR tech. Our groundbreaking innovation allows any mobile game currently on the market to be transformed into a playable VR experience.

“As our team has been spending more of our time in VR we wanted a way to continue to play our favourite mobile games in our virtual space. We’ve devised a solution that is as revolutionary as it is seamless.” says Kayla Kinnunen, VR Product Lead.

Using a few simple tricks, we were able to make this wild dream a reality.

“By combining the natural input capabilities of a touch interface tablet, with the precision of the HTC Vive controllers, and combining the two with state-of-the-art adhesive technology we’ve created a hardware solution that just disappears in front of the user.” comments Kinnunen.


See below for a first look at what you can expect to see through the headset.

VR Flappy Bird
Actual screenshot from within the VR environment

Seamlessly transition from gaming to talking with your best friends – ALL IN VR!

alt_VRPhone_0037Selfie ready!

“This is the product I’ve been waiting for. It’s just like real life!” – Michaela Pontellini, Community Manager

A closer look at our prototype.

More info on this earth shattering discovery will be released in the coming weeks.