In the first of a series of RTSGuru exclusive features from the team behind MechWarrior Tactics, Roadhouse Interactive Producer James Romanchuk takes us into the past and present of BattleTech & MechWarrior, and the future goals for MechWarrior Tactics.

MechWarrior has a lot of history in the gaming community. The original BattleTech strategy board game spawned numerous expansions, video games, role-playing source books, collectible cards games and more. It is one of those old and very special franchises that carries significant nostalgia.

Today, dedicated fans continue to strategize over the table-top miniatures game, go toe-to-toe in first person mech shooters, stomp through real-time strategy versions and even role-play pen and paper MechWarrior campaigns. Describing the community as “dedicated” isn’t hyperbole: they are vocal and eager to step up and contribute, there are genuinely great unofficial fan-built BattleTech and MechWarrior games! read complete article