Freakin’ Sweet! Family Guy Online enters Beta!

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Help your favorite citizens of Quahog in Family Guy Online!

Freakin’ sweet! Seth MacFarlane and the Family Guy cast take their show into the world of MMOLOLs… the new genre coined by Family Guy Online (FGO). Does it live up to the promise of the shows, or the MMO genre at all? Beta is still coming out with updates, but we have the first look at this humor-based online game!….

….FGO sets itself up with 5 different classes, based on the characters from the show. The classes align with standard MMO archetypes for the most part. And while players may choose, say, the “Peter class,” their character is still unique in appearance and design… Peter Griffon will appear as a frequent quest-giver, but will not actually be playable. The classes are Stewie (ranged DPS), Meg/Chris (melee DPS, “Warrior”), Lois (Healer/support), and Peter (tank). There is also a Brian class which is melee DPS and focuses on avoiding enemy detection compared to being able to survive an onslaught like the Chris/Meg class. The Brian class is only available through purchase right now though; $10 if you only desire the class, or a slightly reduced rate if you buy more in-game Cash.

Like many MMORPGs, FGO follows a typical formula of questing and leveling up in order to progress. On the plus side, most of the quest givers offer humorous dialogue when you chat with them, and the quests often display a clip from the show: most veteran watchers will recognize several plot points, like Chris and bullies at school, or Quagmire and his attempts to… ahem… woo his dates. Quests will award experience and Clams, the in-game currency. As mentioned before, there is also “Cash” purchasable via real life money; which, so far as I can see, cannot be earned in-game. Clams and cash are both spent at the Store; Clams are primarily used for cosmetic equipment items and skills, while cash can be used to purchase additional character slots, new classes and upgraded skills. While most of the content can be bought through in-game means, it was disheartening to see some skills solely purchased via real life money… doubly so in a Beta, when for all we know, the progress could be wiped out tomorrow. An example of such a cash-based upgrade would be a power-up to the Stewie class’s basic attack, the Laser Gun. It becomes the Laser Rifle, which does twice the damage and awards twice the energy (used for special attacks)….

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