Family Guy Online

The World’s First (And Last) ‘MMOLOL’.

Family Guy Online was a free-to-play, mid-core, browser-based MMLOL. What’s an MMLOL? It’s ‘massively multiplayer laugh out loud’ game.

This hilarious game was developed by Roadhouse for 20th Century Fox. We worked closely with Fox and the good folks at Fuzzy Door (Seth’s production company), to ‘extend’ the Family Guy TV series into the online space. Roadhouse developed and operated the game from concept to the end of Open Beta.


In terms of visuals, FGO is terrific; it’s everything you want out of an explorable 3D representation of the show.”

“…I’ve been in the closed beta for this for weeks…It’s insanely fun… Be ready, this game is gonna be huge”

20th Century Fox made the decision to sunset the game prior to it emerging from open beta in December of 2012.


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