Family Guy Online, A Family Guy MMO, Announced

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Hey, Family Guy fans, good news: Fox today announced that Family Guy Online, a Family Guy MMO, is in the works. The free-to-play browser game will feature fully 3D graphics, a quest-based gameplay style and tons of the quirky, irreverent humor that has made Family Guy one of the most popular cartoons in the history of television. The open beta launches later this year, but you can build your character right here, on the Family Guy Online official site.

‘We’re going to deliver the essence of the show,” said Gary Rosenfeld of Fox, “The development team includes two writers from the show, because we know that Family Guy has to be funny… I think we’ll definitely attract core gamers, and we’ll also attract a more casual gamer who’s a fan of the show.”

The game features class-based gameplay, with different classes patterned after well-known characters from the game. You won’t be able to play as Peter Griffin, but you will be able to play as an oblivious slob who’s like Peter Griffin. According to the game’s creators, the Peter-type class will function like a tank in a traditional MMO, and the rest of the family’s characteristics will be represented as well.

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