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Game Title   [text GameTitle]
Platform   [text Platform]
Engagement Start Date   [text EngagementStartDate]
Initial Engagement   [text InitialEngagement]


[checkbox iOSAppStore "iOS App: Store USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia (TBD)"]   Assumed – Territories to be agreed
[checkbox GooglePlay "Google Play: USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia (TBD)"]   Assumed – Territories to be agreed
[checkbox AmazonKindle "Amazon Kindle"]   TBD
[checkbox Playphone "Playphone"]   TBD
[checkbox Verizon-USA "Verizon - USA"]    
[checkbox Sprint-USA "Sprint - USA"]    
[checkbox SingTelWePlay-Singapore "SingTel WePlay - Singapore"]    
[checkbox IndonesiaTelekomSal-Indonesaia "Indonesia Telekom Sal - Indonesaia"]    
[checkbox Group1ClosedMarketLaunch "Group 1 Closed Market Launch"]   Rough Date Needed
[checkbox Group1OpenLaunch "Group 1 Open Launch"]   Rough Date Needed
[checkbox SpecialTerritoriesExclusions "Special Territories/Exclusions"]    


[checkbox Deliverables "Deliverables"]    
[checkbox GameAnalysisReport "Game Analysis Report"]   Full game overview, if needed. 
[checkbox MarketingStrategyReport "Marketing Strategy Report"]   A plan for Hoplon only. Not execution. Not needed, if full engagement requested


[checkbox Brandanalysispositioning "Brand analysis, positioning"]   It’s essential we know each game’s angle, and why it’s coming to market. We analyze the current brand position and advise accordingly
[checkbox Competitiveanalysis "Competitive analysis, KPI / CPI targets and thresholds"]   We analyze the competition and look to set reasonable targets for a product
[checkbox Analyticsplatformrecommendations "Analytics platform recommendations"]   We help assess and integrate the best analytics solutions 
[checkbox Compulsionanalysis "Compulsion analysis"]   Measuring a player’s engagement and will to play
[checkbox UIUXreviewandrecommendations "UI / UX review and recommendations"]   Analysis of the game’s look and feel and recommend accordingly
[checkbox Viralityreviewandrecommendations "Virality review and recommendations"]    
[checkbox Socialscorereviewandreccommendations "Social score review and reccommendations"]   Review of the social engagement and analyze its effectiveness
[checkbox Economyandmonetizationreviewandrecommendations "Economy and monetization review and recommendations"]   A thorough review of the virtual economy
    Look at monetization loops, retention potential and full game flow. Provide reports with extremely thorough with clear but in-depth analysis and recommendations
[checkbox Security "Security / anti-hack audit and recommendations"]   Ensuring the game is as hack-proof as possible
[checkbox Infrastructure "Infrastructure analysis and recommendations"]   Support around game infrastructure


[checkbox Socialandtraditionalmediastrategy "Social and traditional media strategy"]   Build custom plan to reach customers through social and other media channels
[checkbox Collateralaudit "Collateral audit, development recommendation"]   Review all current materials
[checkbox AppStoreASO "App Store, ASO recommendations"]   Suggest positive app store launch strategy
[checkbox PRMedia "PR/Media recommendations and messaging."]   Suggest key press/media and messaging for launch
[checkbox Analyticsplatform "Analytics platform recommendations"]   Support around selecting best analytics solution
[checkbox Fulllaunch "Full launch calendar including test market activities and targets"]   Launch calendar defines what happens and when
[checkbox Paidandnon-paiduser "Paid and non-paid user acquisition plan and budget recommendations."]   Share key targets and spend recommendations

MEDIA (Social Media & PR)

[checkbox DrivingSocialMedia "Driving Social Media impact across all major channels"]   Build custom plan to reach customers through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Includes daily activity, scheduled in advance and use of multiple tools
[checkbox Targetedcontent "Targeted content and messaging plan"]   Take initial plan built in planning phase and execute
[checkbox Creationandmanagementofviraloutreach "Creation and management of viral outreach"]   Execute social media plan
[checkbox Managementandexecution "Management and execution of targeted promotional plans"]   Execute promo plan / partnership
[checkbox PRPlan "PR Plan including messaging, calendar and targets"]   Take initial plan built in planning phase and execute
[checkbox Createtargetedmedialist "Create targeted media list from database of over 5,000 editors who write about games"]   PR kicks off
[checkbox Introduceclients "Introduce clients to key members of the games media"]   As needed – not always relevant
[checkbox Sourceinterviews "Source interviews with game development team for appropriate media"]   PR kicks off
[checkbox Drivegame "Drive game reviews and other coverage"]   Seeding positive game reviews
[checkbox Manageevents "Manage events, press conferences"]   Handle any events and press conferences
[checkbox Buildpresskit "Build press kit, create all written collateral and distribute assets"]   PR support with all materials, hosted in secure accessible location
[checkbox Distributepromo "Distribute promo codes as needed"]   These codes are required for some game reviews on iOS
[checkbox Mediatrawl "Media trawl to maintain view on trending subjects and relevant media coverage"]   We keep an eye on coverage and share our findings
[checkbox Manage "Manage social analytics and drive social KPIs"]   Reports on social media success
[checkbox Monitoring "Monitoring and contribution on relevant forums"]   Report and feedback on forum activity


[checkbox Paiduser "Paid user acquisition strategy, typically in 4-8 week increments"]   Full UA Plan – targeting strategy, and execution plan, which includes budget and channel recommendations "
[checkbox Adviceon "Advice on the best analytics and measurement tools"]   Light integration and be able to for both track UA campaign performance and post install data.
Synergistic UA + game content strategies e.g. slow trickle, burst, sustained, daily budget, CPI and organic expectation   Define strategy to meet need of game and country based on product life cycle.
[checkbox Mixingtherightchannels "Mixing the right channels to meet KPI targets – e.g Chartboost vs. Tapjoy; Facebook vs. Ad Colony etc.."]   Monitor the quality of the traffic, and optimize performance for maximum ROI.
[checkbox Managingdailymedia "Managing daily media spend based on LTV levels, to maximise ROI"]   Balance media spend with forecast revenue numbers Eg. Effective CPI
[checkbox Perpetual "Perpetual A/B testing on ad creative and channels"]   Test all creative with suite of online tools


[checkbox AppStoreOptimization "App Store Optimization (ASO) - the headlines, the copy, the keywords are all tested using professional toolsets, with recommendations made for each area"]   Full store management of assets and process, includes fine tuning key words, copy, screenshots etc.
[checkbox Buildeffective "Build effective App Store strategy and tactics"]   Provide positive App Store launch strategy,  introduce DM to key members of the games media
[checkbox AppStoreASOrecommendations "App Store, ASO recommendations"]   Includes review of all key words, screenshots and copy with continued refinements as game updates are launched
[checkbox PushAppleandGoogle "Push Apple and Google for feature of game in store"]   On going activity for all App Stores and relationship building for studio
[checkbox growrelationships "Manage, build and grow relationships with Global Distribution Partners - Google, Apple, Amazon"]   Capitalise on existing relationships and establish and grow new ones to drive features and face to face meetings




[checkbox Assessexistingmaterials "Assess existing materials and localise, edit as required"]   Support around game collateral
[checkbox Buildandshare "Build and share full specification chart and delivery calendar"]   Calendar detailing all asset usage
[checkbox ThoroughABtestingofallmaterials "Thorough A/B testing of all materials"]   Continued test of collateral in various channels
[checkbox necessarymaterials "Create all necessary materials, including Trailers, Screenshots"]   Creation of assets to suit Western markets
[checkbox Shareallcurrentassets "Share all current assets"]   Client to provide access to all materials


[checkbox Testing "Testing"]    QA team will monitor the game from its first submission until as late as post-production
    Test across the full spectrum of top iOS and Android devices 
[checkbox Materiallocalisation-gameandassets "Material localisation - game and assets"]   Translate game and app store copy into multiple languages




[checkbox Services "Services"]   Manage all customer interaction and service to create positive image of game and studio 
    Complement and support customer service core values and enhance performance
    Strategic counsel on best means to handle all types of enquiries while maintaining the appropriate tone and position amongst fans




[checkbox RealTimeDashboardAccess "Real Time Dashboard Access"]   24/7 dashboard access to review all KPIs and performance
[checkbox DailyCallorreportasneeded "Daily Call (or report) as needed"]   To be agreed
[checkbox WeeklyHighLevelKPIFeedbackMarketingSuggestions "Weekly High Level KPI Feedback / Marketing Suggestions"]   Continued review of activity and performance leads to enhancements and improvements
[checkbox WeeklyreportsonPRandSocialmediacoverageandengagement "Weekly reports on PR and Social media coverage and engagement"]   Coverage report as detailed in PR section

Typical Time Required for each aspect


Time are very approximate at this discovery phase

[checkbox EngagementStartDate "Engagement Start Date"]    
[checkbox InitialEngagement "Initial Engagement"]   TBD
[checkbox Planning "Planning"]   4 man months
[checkbox GameLocalization "Game Localization"]    
[checkbox Hosting "Hosting"]    
[checkbox nalyticsWrapperIntegration "nalytics Wrapper Integration"]    
[checkbox AnalyticsManagement "Analytics Management"]   40 hours / month
[checkbox UserAcquisitionManagement "User Acquisition Management"]   40 hours / month
[checkbox PublicandMediaRelations "Public and Media Relations"]   20 hours / month
[checkbox SocialMediaManagement "Social Media Management"]   20 hours / month
 [checkbox Facebook "Facebook"]     
 [checkbox Twitter "Twitter"]    
[checkbox Customlandingpage "Custom landing page"]    
[checkbox CommunityDevelopment "Community Development"]   10 hours / month 
[checkbox CollateralCreation "Collateral Creation"]   10 hours / month 
[checkbox Copy "Copy"]    
[checkbox Screenshots "Screenshots"]    
 [checkbox BannerCollateral "Banner Collateral"]    
[checkbox AppStoreManagement "App Store Management"]    
[checkbox TOTAL "TOTAL"]   12 man months over 6 months
[checkbox AnalyticsPlatformFees "Analytics Platform Fees"]   $2,500 per month