Amazon has unveiled a set of free plugins designed to aid Unity developers better tailor their games for its Android-based platform.

On board are tools to help employ Amazon’s in-app purchasing system, plus APIs for the firm’s GameCircle platform, which tracks trophies and accomplishments to produce in-game leaderboards.


In this way, Amazon’s hoping to make its Kindle range more attractive to studios tapped into Unity, which Amazon Games director Mike Frazzini described as one of the “most popular” mobile tools.

“Amazon’s in-app purchasing and GameCircle APIs help developers reach more customers, keep them engaged, and make more money,” he added.

“Every week millions of customers are playing GameCircle enabled games and are able to compare scores and compete against friends.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for developers to quickly integrate these features and our new, free plugins make it incredibly simple to do so for anyone using Unity.”


Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason was on hand to comment, too.

“Amazon helped to change the way the world looks at the Internet and retail,” he said.

“We’re excited to see them bring their energy to games and especially games built with Unity.”

via PocketGamer by James Nouch